New Scrapbook Layouts

Just adding some more scrapbooking layouts that I’ve gotten done for this week! My new class at school just started, (Business Law) and I am trying to balance everything. This week my kids also started their summer activities and it’s been a madhouse. Hopefully next week everything settles down again! A girl can dream, can’t she? LOL


Wonder Woman (600 x 600)

A Night Out (collection) – Kimeric Kreations –…ollection.html

Selfies (600 x 600)

Selfie Bundle – Tami Miller Designs –


New Scrapbooking Pages

Miss Independent (600 x 600)

Independence Day by River Rose Designs –…923&page=2

July White Space Challenge (600 x 600)

Kit: Sea Stories – Palvinka Designs –

Erin - SPF - July 1

Template – SPF – Summer is Pretty Fun – Dagi’s Temp-tations –

Kit is Aloha by Studio Flergs- Sweet Shoppe Designs

Believe in Rainbows (600 x 600)

A Rainbow of Possibilities by Blagovesta Gosheva –…roductid=37060

Master of Disguise (600 x 600)

Best Dad Ever Bundle – Day Dreams ‘n Designs –

And this very special layout was created by my 9-year-old daughter. She’s expressed an interest in learning how to digital scrapbook so we sat down and I walked her through using Photoshop and she made this page. I am so proud of her!

Vicky's Layout 1 (600 x 600)

Kit: Just Like Mommy – Juliana Kneipp and Meghan Mullens @ Sweet Shoppe Designs


Who doesn’t love pizza? Seriously, I think pizza should be its own food group. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I would be so bold as to say that NY has the best pizza hands down. Thin, dripping with grease, and plenty of good mozzarella cheese.  Here in Maine, especially northern Maine, good pizza is hard to come by. But I digress…

As I said previously we are living a low carb/keto lifestyle, so traditional pizza is out. But wait…no pizza? How can that be? I mean, the biggest reason I am able to stick to this type of eating is that there is so much variety and so many ways to substitute your good ole’ favorites.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a recipe for a low carbohydrate pizza crust and decided to give it a try. The ingredients sounded crazy but what did I have to lose?

The crust is amazing – it’s thin, somewhat chewy like regular crust – it has that dough consistency.

Tonight I was planning on grilling ribs but the weather gods weren’t having any part of that and so plans changed. What else could I make that wouldn’t require thawing out meat at the last minute? Ahhh yes…pizza!

I actually made two of the crusts – one for pizza and one to turn into “breadsticks”.

Here’s a picture of the finished pizza – has cheese, onion, pepper, bacon, pepperoni and some leftover cut up steak. It was so good!


New Scrapbook Layouts

I am a digital scrapbooker and have been since about 2006. I used to spend so much time scrapbooking and then somehow over time I stopped doing as much. I guess like a lot of things in life, it gets pushed on the back burner and you think some day you’ll come back to it but it doesn’t always happen or at least not when you think it will.

Recently I opened up Photoshop again and began to tinker. It was then I realized I’ve missed this…the creativity but also the stress relief it brings me. In the last month alone, I’ve completed I think close to 25 layouts. It feels so good to be doing this again!

I decided I’d share some of my most recent ones that I have done.

Bar Harbor (600 x 600)

Tropical Escape: The Collection by LDrag Designs –…g-Designs.html

Hello Summer (600 x 600)


Backyard Paradise – The Digi Crafter –

July (600 x 600)

July’s Ruby Collection – Aimee Harrison –…ollection.html

July 4th (600 x 600)

Celebrate Bundle – Little Bit Shop –

Navy Chick (600 x 600)

Navy Chic – Vero The French Touch –…-Page-Kit.html

Portland Head Light (600 x 600)

Sand and Sea – et designs –

Thanks for looking!



Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

My family and I are following a low carbohydrate/sugar-free/ketogenic lifestyle. We have chosen this for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that my husband and I have both had gastric bypass surgery.  As a result of the surgery, our dietitian and doctors recommend we limit our carbohydrate intake, eat a decent amount of protein and keep the fats to healthy ones.  (*Disclaimer, I am not a doctor, nor a dietitian. What works for me and or my family might not work for you. Please seek the advice of your physician before starting any new eating lifestyle.)

We still have cravings like anyone else, that doesn’t really go away. At least not for us. I can say that our taste buds have definitely changed since the surgery, but once in a while we still would love a cookie. I am always scouring the internet for new recipes to try as I love to bake/cook. Today the kids asked if I could find a sugar free chocolate chip recipe and make some, so I did.

This is the recipe I found:  almond flour chocolate chip cookies {grain-free}. Go check out her recipe and leave her some love if you try them! Now, this is where I tell you that I did tweak the recipe to suit our needs better.

First off, I used Splenda brown sugar blend instead of regular brown sugar. Secondly, I used Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate chips. And lastly, I added about 1 tablespoon of unsweetened organic shredded coconut.

Per MyFitnessPal’s website after entering the recipe as I made them (btw, I was able to get 36 cookies out of it), this is the breakdown *PER* cookie:

sugar free cookies

You might be saying well that is a lot of calories per cookies and granted it might be, but the carbohydrates after the dietary fiber is subtracted, leaves us with 5 grams of carbs per cookie, which is acceptable for us. I baked off 12 and then put the rest into the freezer so I can pop them out when we desire a cookie and bake them off.  Keep in mind 1 double stuff Oreo cookie has 15 grams of carbohydrates. For that, I could eat 4 of these ones. 1 versus 4. You do the math! 🙂 Of course, I won’t though because 1. I don’t need to eat that many cookies and 2. my little pouch couldn’t hold that many cookies.

So how were they? Well, I’d be hard pressed to know they weren’t full of regular brown sugar. They came out super soft and on the chewy/cakey side. Honestly, they are really yummy!

DSC_0018 (2)copy.jpg

I enjoyed a cookie with a cup of coffee this evening. The boy child gave them a thumbs up and the girl child did as well. Hubby tried one was shocked at how good it was. So that’s 4 thumbs up from us, so I think that says a lot about these.

Eating this way has led me to try a lot of new recipes, and new ingredients (like almond flour and coconut flour) but there are so many options these days that you don’t have to give up all the things you love. If you make a few small adjustments, you can still enjoy a treat, only healthier.

90 Days!

As of today, at this very moment, I have 90 days left before I will graduate with my Associates Degree in Business Administration. 90 Days. Let that sink in! I can hardly believe it.

I always wanted to return to college, not just for myself but to be a role model for my kids and hopefully be able to give them a better childhood with a mom who was at a job she loved and earning a decent wage. I tried a couple times over the years to return but it never panned out for various reasons.

Early in 2015, I decided to look into going back to school, only this time I decided to explore my options of online schooling. After doing some research I settled on a school and applied. It wasn’t long before I received my acceptance letter! In March of 2015, I returned to school to pursue a Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies. I’ve always wanted to work in law/criminal justice field for as long as I can remember. However, after a few months of being in school, I discovered that even though the program/school was accredited, online paralegal programs aren’t acknowledged by the ABA. It was at that point I made the decision to switch majors and go into Business Administration. I didn’t want to waste money and time pursuing a degree that would be useless to me. Due to changing my major, it added in a few months to my schooling but that is okay.

So here I am with 90 days to go. It blows my mind! When I started there were a few times right off the bat that I questioned what I had done and toyed with the idea of quitting. I mean, I had quit before so no one would be surprised, right? But I had these two little people watching me and what message would I send if I up and quit after a couple classes? So I forged on! That’s not to say that quitting didn’t enter my thoughts a few more times over the course of the last two and half years, but it was never more than a fleeting thought. With the passing of each class, I knew I was one step further on my journey and that it would be all worth it.

Then this winter I got the bright idea that things have been going so well (maintaining a 3.85 GPA), why not continue on for my Bachelor’s Degree? So I talked to my school counselor, researched other schools as well as my own again, and once again applied to my school for the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Again, it wasn’t long before I received my acceptance letter.

So approximately one week after I graduate with my Associates, I will return to the virtual classroom to begin my journey to Bachelor’s Degree. Why stop now, right? My only regret is that when I switched from Paralegal that I had gone to Criminal Justice, but I think Business Admin will still serve me well, even in the Criminal Justice field.

I am ridiculously excited about where my schooling is taking me. There is something to be said for making one’s dreams come true. 90 days away from being able to say I am a college graduate. And here’s a little secret, I’ve even thought that perhaps when I am done with my Bachelor’s, maybe, just maybe, I’ll continue on for my Master’s Degree. Only time will tell!

Returning to college at 39, with two kids, one of which has special needs, hasn’t always been easy.  There have been many late nights, many tears, lots of frustration, some disappointing children because mom had to study or get homework done, but at the same time, there’s been a major sense of accomplishment, the best grades of my life, and being able to show my children the importance of school. It’s been so worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat…oh wait, I am! LOL

My only wish is that I could be at my school to walk down that aisle and get my diploma handed to me, but I’ll be there in spirit!

Guess Who Is Back?

First off, let me welcome all you new readers to my little corner of the internet! I used to blog quite a bit when my babies were little and then as they got older, life seemed to get even more hectic, and my writing went by the wayside. So here I am, giving it a go once again!

I admit I had a hard time naming this blog. My old blog was centered around being a mom/parenting, and while that is much of what I do/am, it’s not all that I am. I didn’t want to limit myself because let’s face it, I am more than mom or K’s wife. I am Erin. In addition to wife and mom, I am a sister and aunt, I am a full-time college student, I am a friend. So all that to say, this is how I ended up with “That’s So Erin” for my blog name. I wanted it to be all encompassing!

As I alluded to this blog will just be about life, all the daily happenings of our crazy lil family, my ramblings, and just things I want to share with all of you! I hope you’ll join me on the journey!